Ilfra-Expo is an exhibition of contemporary artwork displayed in temporary locations across Ilfracombe. The exhibition showcases a dynamic selection of emerging artists from across the UK.

From July 5th to August 14th 2014 the seaside town of Ilfracombe is hosting a range of contemporary artworks, projects and events. Ilfra-Expo will develop through a series of guided tours and artist talks that will accompany an exhibition of artworks creating a trail of discovery around the historically rich town.

Ilfra-Expo presents artworks in diverse locations, including unused shops and public spaces, as well as the town’s museums, heritage sites and other places important to the local community.

We are in the process of selecting artists for Ilfra Expo 2014, please see our opportunities page for more info.

The selected artist’s for Ilfra-Expo 2013 exhibited existing artworks as well as developing new artworks inspired by the town. Project Manager Erin Rickard worked closely with the artists, volunteers and community to develop an intimate artistically led experience for visitors to Ilfracombe and Ilfra-Expo. The event inspired public interest, with people discovering more about the town’s heritage, experiencing a variety of young British artists and being inspired to be creative themselves.

To keep up to date with our activities follow us on Twitter @ilfraexpo 

We thank all of our sponsors and the donations from the surrounding community that make this ambitious event possible.