Richt creates first artwork for Ilfra Expo

On Fore Street this week Richt will be creating the first artwork to be installed for Ilfra Expo this summer.

Richt is a Bristol based Artist and Illustrator with an interest in Street Art. Richt grew up in North Devon and was extremely interested in creating something for the community. The artwork has been created to fit the space, a courtyard connected to the lower end of Fore Street, which currently has ‘Ilfracombe in Bloom’ flower beds and a bench. The design will animate the space with wild foliage and edible plants. To have a look at what else he has been creating visit

We are excited to see the space transform into an exciting area full of colour and detail, giving passer’s by a reason to stop and use the courtyard. These are some of the preparation artworks that Richt has been creating for Ilfra Expo.

richt proposal image Screen shot 2013-04-19 at 17.12.09

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