Local girl is inspired by Richt’s artwork

The creation of public artwork by Richt started on Friday 24th May, and as you can imagine in a space as big as Fore Street’s Albert Court it took longer than one day, so the artwork was left part-finished Friday night waiting for Saturday morning.

Kerry French, a resident near Fore Street, visited Richt and the Ilfra Expo team on Saturday with a surprise. She had seen the artwork on Friday after school and liked it so much that she went home and created her own art inspired but what Richt had created.

Richt Install - 25

Richt Install - 26

Richt was thrilled to see Kerry’s artwork and decided to show Kerry how to spray paint, it was wonderful to see people in Ilfracombe becoming involved with the public artwork.

Kerry’s parents told Ilfra Expo how much they enjoy the public artwork and how Kerry hasn’t stopped drawing since – keep at it Kerry, you might be creating your very own outdoor artwork one day!

Richt Install - 29

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