Welsh Artist of the Year Iwan Bala writes for Ilfra Expo

Everyone at Ilfra Expo was extremely excited to hear the news that Iwan Bala was going to write the first essay for Ilfra Expo. The essay will included on the front page of our “Issue No. 1” newspaper purely dedicated to Ilfra Expo and the people that have made it happen. (no sneak peeks this time, you will have to wait!)

Artist and writer Iwan Bala has a multi-disciplinary approach to his practice, involving wall hung painting and drawing, assemblages and site-specific three dimensional work. He is a founder member of The Artists’ Project, a member of the Beca group and has exhibited widely in the UK and abroad and participated in several international site-specific art events. He has published numerous books, articles and essays on contemporary art in Wales, as well as presenting and researching television programmes, lecturing, and managing public art projects and organising and curating exhibitions. He is now senior Lecturer at the School of Creative Arts and Humanities, Trinity College, Carmarthen.

Publications include ‘Certain Welsh Artists’, (ed) Seren (1999) and ‘here+now’ Seren (2005), ‘Groundbreaking. The Artist in the Changing Landscape’ (ed) Seren (2005) and ‘Hon, Ynys y Galon’ Gomer (2007). His artworks are held in many public and private collections across Europe, he won the Gold Medal for Fine Art at the National Eisteddfod of Wales in 1997 and recently Iwan Bala was awarded Welsh Artist of the Year 2013 award in Cardiff, Wales.

For more information and to see Iwan Bala’s artwork visit: www.iwanbala.com

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