Alex Duncan

Water Fearing – St Nicholas’ Chapel

St. Nicholas’ chapel is a vast container, so many objects and within them so much history. Sometime family home, reading room, church. Always a lighthouse. Inhabited the way a hermit crab inhabits a whelk shell.

The ancient font and stoup will have seen so much water in nearly 700 years. So many hands plunged up to the wrist.

The tradition of materials thrown into the sea, praying for a safe voyage. Of materials dumped into the sea in metric tonnes, revealed to us on dying, disabled birdlife dashed on the rocks. Our unknowns, the beauty of things uncategorised in the world and their relationship with the sea. A blinking light guiding those through the currents of the channel, the church offering a space for people to urge for those loved to return home. How abject, man-made materials in the sea are reported in the national news,  ‘what we don’t know is what’s still out there’.

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Ilfra Expo would like to express its gratitude to St Nicholas’ Chapel and the Rotary Club who have donated the use of their space for this exhibition.