Erin Rickard

Work In Progress  –  RNLI Lifeboat House, Harbour

While spending 8 years in Swansea looking across to Devon, Erin Rickard has collected thoughts and ideas surrounding the notion of home. She is interested in exploring attachment to the land, the deep-seated urge to return, and the feeling of being unable to reach that which once filled her heart.

Living with the promise of an easier path to travel home Erin Rickard has spent many moons waiting for the opportunity to make that journey back by sea. The short 22-mile crossing is treacherous and many have miscalculated and ended up at Lands-end, nearly being swept into the vast Atlantic Ocean. Combining collected sounds from both coastlines she creates an imagined narrative of her first journey home, returning by Sea.

The connection to her home is a lifeline for Erin, looking across from both sides of the Channel it seems that she is stuck somewhere between the two, fighting the tumult tides. Both lighthouses calling across to one another, searching for her lost soul and trying to guide her back in opposing directions.

Ilfra Expo would like to express its gratitude to RNLI Lifeboat House Ilfracombe who have donated the use of their space for this exhibition.

After The End (2013)

A sculpture that has been revisited for Ilfra Expo.

After The End is a floor sculpture confined to the size of a grave plot, with a series of evenly spaced rusted nails each holding four photographic negatives cut into the shape of a poppy petal. Each photographic negative is a memory that is destroyed as it is cut into its new form. The artwork talks about the memories we hold and how other people relive them, and whether this is truly ‘us’ living on and continuing.

Every one of Erin Rickard’s personal photographic negatives from the age of 14 was used to make this artwork, it holds a lot of emotion that people can sense and relate to. Many of the photographs were taken during her childhood in Ilfracombe and her first journeys away from home.

After The End blog post

Erin Rickard After The End(for web)

Ilfra Expo would like to express its gratitude to St Phillip’s and St James’ Church who have donated the use of their space for this exhibition.