Gemma Copp

Rising Tides


‘Rising Tides’ is inspired by tidal rhythms, which explores the desired feelings of escapism and the reality of the daily obstacles that prevent them. It raises a flux of visceral emotions, relating to identity and basic human emotions.


The performance is filmed on the South Wales coastline overlooking North Devon, at a transitional time of day when low tide turns to high. The boat and the artist await the rising tide, nudges both the boat and the artist back towards the shore repeatedly.


The open sea signifies a constantly evolving cycle of life. The boat, the vast ocean and the open air all suggest optimism and escapism but are juxtaposed by the long wait for the tide to make its contact. The constant nudging of the boat back towards the shore, highlights the repetitiveness of daily life and all its obstacles.

Rising tides

Ilfra Expo would like to express its gratitude to RNLI Lifeboat Shop who have donated the use of their space for this exhibition.