Gethin Wyn Jones

Mains Down Lane – Heddon Climb


Brought up in Bangor, north Wales but settled in Devon since graduating from Bath Spa University in 2006, Gethin Wyn Jones spent adolescent hours playing computer games to escape the quiet, often rainy, north Wales landscape. The fast vivid space of virtual reality triumphed over the actual rugged attraction of his surroundings but in his works he strips back the computer visuals to create something very still, the space perceived beyond the screen, bringing him full-circle to that ‘image’ he would see out outside his window. The works play with the viewer’s perception of space as they both suggest and deny any conventional reading of perspective with the viewer’s position animating the work to create three-dimensional shapes from flat planes. Gethin Wyn Jones is displaying his work as part of Ilfra Expo in north Devon, feeling that the rural environment and landscapes resonate with his memories of north Wales.



Ilfra Expo would like to express its gratitude to Julie’s Cafe who have donated the use of their space for this exhibition.