Jonathan Powell

When We Build Again

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Jonathan Powell’s work incorporates ideas of shelter and utopia which he explores through painting and drawing. ‘When We Build Again’ depicts den-like structures; as if created by children, cobbled together out of the building blocks salvaged from the remains of the previous buildings and cities. They are flawed buildings of the future, made through development as the regeneration process leaves a trail of derelict, crumbling buildings which eventually become monuments to past failures.

Unplanned spaces that experiment with hidden rules and parameters; some have been abandoned, some never occupied and some incomplete. They form exterior psychological structures that are isolated but are delicately connected, forming a precarious city on stilts. Disconnected from the ground but directly connected to creativity these paintings witness architectural invention and a vehement search for the primal need of shelter.

Library - 208

Library - 207

Ilfra Expo would like to express its gratitude to Trimstone Manor Country House Hotel and Elysium Gallery who have donated the space and legal requirements to host this exhibition.