Kathryn Campbell Dodd and Jacob Whittaker

Absent but not Forgotten – Score Valley

Within the Absent but not Forgotten art project Kathryn and Jacob are as interested in the fabrication of the supernatural; its tropes, metaphors and abiding images, as they are in allegedly genuine experiences of paranormal phenomena.

The tradition of photographing ghosts and spirits has a long history with the first claim to have captured spirits on photographic plates being made in the mid 19th Century. The phenomenon continues into the age of digital photography with anomalous images of people, orbs, mists and vaporous shapes being claimed as paranormal.

The white sheet is a simple visual metaphor for a ghost with which we are all very familiar, Absent but not Forgotten have been exploring the aesthetics of this relationship since they began their project in 2010.

Ahead of their visit to Ilfracombe’s Score Valley this June they had been told that the area has an eerie atmosphere and is feared and avoided by local people. The white sheet, found in a local charity shop, travelled with them as they explored the valley, photographing and filming it out on location interacting with the landscape and the elements

Absent but not forgotten02

Ilfra Expo would like to express its gratitude to Score Valley Country House for donating accommodation to Kathryn and Jacob during the production of this new artwork and the Olde Thatched Inn for the use of their space during this exhibition.