Lianne Harrison

Ilfracombe Harbour – Ilfracombe Museum

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‘Myself and fellow illustrator Hannah Davies are creating a collaborative artwork that will be split over two panels on the front of Ilfracombe Museum. Upon visiting Ilfracombe, we were immediately struck by the beauty of the town and inspired by the curiosities and archives within the Museum. We are proposing to develop a work, inspired by an early painting of the harbour, that engages with the tranquil beauty and rich maritime history of Ilfracombe, as well as the Museums treasure trove of unusual and unexpected collections.

Since living in Swansea, I have had a close relationship from a distance with Ilfracombe, only ever viewing it on clear days across the ocean from Swansea Bay. As a place that has always stemmed pleasant words from friends, and has a strong connection to Wales, it is a pleasure to be able to finally engage with this mysterious town that I have only ever faintly seen from across the big blue.’

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Lianne Harrison is a freelance illustrator specialising in collage and paper construction. She is an avid collector of vintage books, photographs and postcards which she draws upon for inspiration. Her vast collection of papers; plain and patterned, nostalgic and modern, allow her to create unique illustrations with engaging dialogues. As well as paper, her tools of the trade include scissors, glue and plenty of tea.

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Ilfra Expo would like to express its gratitude to John Smale & Co. who donated the funds to produce this new artwork for the musuem and town of Ilfracombe.