Nick Davies


Guides available from the info hub and Tourist Information.

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PsychoGeogging is an alternative guide for joggers/tourists, whether local or from outside of the area. It is inspired by the idea of psychogeography developed by the Situationists at the turn of the 20th Century and is basically about disorientating the subject helping them to see and use public space in new ways.

The form the guide takes is a risographed leaflet with a map of the route at the centre. This leaflet is enclosed in a resealable bag that has black strap so you can put the map around your neck, making it portable and waterproof. Also in the bag is a running label (like those worn by marathon runners) that has space for your name to be entered.

PsychoGeogging as a fun way to experience a public art event whilst also acting as a prod towards re-thinking how we use public space in a country needing to concentrate on innovation in it’s place-making.

Nick Davies has also recorded his PsyschoGeog around Ilfracombe, creating a video that is part tour guide and part performance. This is on display at the Info Hub as well as online.

Library - 205