Originally from North Devon Richt grew up with the beaches, fields and moors. Like many of his friends his time was spent exploring rockpools and woodlands. His current work reflects this and he has returned to do some artistic gardening. This courtyard on Fore Street has become overgrown in fictional flora and fauna from Richt’s memories and imagination. If you look hard enough you might just catch sight of some local wildlife lurking in the leaves.


Richt studied art at North Devon College and moved to Bristol in 2002. He has been developing his style in the city ever since. Equally at home painting on the street or doing more traditional pen and ink illustration work. Often dark but always fun with bold lines and bright colours. Richt continues to explore the lighter side of the dark side.

Richt Install - 41 (for web)

Richt’s website

Ilfra Expo would like to express its gratitude to Ilfracombe Compass Rotary Club who have donated the funds to produce this unique new artwork for the town of Ilfracombe.