Sam Aldridge

Two Circles (divided) –  Royal Mail Parcel Office

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Sam Aldridge has constructed a 1:1 scale version of a Barbara Hepworth sculpture entitled ‘Two Circles (divided)’ using cardboard. The cardboard was once a collection of parcel boxes that he posted to Ilfracombe’s Royal Mail collection office. Accompanying Sam Aldridge’s sculpture is a series of drawings observing ‘Two Circles (divided)’.

This follows on from previous works where he constructed 25 versions of Picasso’s seminal work ‘Guitar’ and raffled them off to celebrate the centenary of the originals construction. Sam Aldridge is interested in how the monumental could become mobile, and how its aesthetic can change by using a different material, bringing new meanings and ideas to a work that has potentially stagnated. Highlighting the relationship between conversation and communication Sam Aldridge uses the materials that protect and transport the function of the postal service.

Creating a great presence in the space he enables visitors to walk between the elements of the installation engaging with the sculpture within a completely different setting and in an entirely new way.

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Ilfra Expo would like to express its gratitude to Royal Mail Parcel Office, Ilfracombe who have donated the use of their space for this exhibition.