Sean Puleston

Glorious! – Runnymede Gardens

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Colour, light and form has been used within art for centuries as a source of propaganda for religious groups, inspiring a sense of the sublime and faith in the idea that positive things can be achieved through religious experience. Sean Puleston reinterprets these ideas, combined with new simplified texts, to create a series of work that inspires people to have faith in their every day experiences.

Ilfracombe is a place that is already teaming with natural beauty juxtaposed with significant architectural features. The seaside resort offers infinite views over the horizon, with ever present examples of its rich heritage, enhanced by the constant changing of light and colour because of the reflectiveness of the water. The everyday experience had within this town can leave a person with a lasting sense of awe and inspiration.

Sean Puleston combines the visual impact of the town with colours taken from the religious stained glass within its churches, to create a universal sense of awe within his imagery. His simple use of text gives the abstract imagery a new perspective and sense of profundity, a way for the imagery to be digested that can inspire its viewer to come to their own conclusions about their experiences. His wish is for the work to utilise these experiences in a way that’s abstract enough to imply any number of different reactions personal to the individual viewer but with an underlying sense positivity and hope.

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