Ilfra Expo has attracted the attention of so many different people, some local others on holiday, older and younger people, those who already have a connection to the arts and some which have never ventured into a gallery space before.
All these people see the world in a unique way and in turn they experience Ilfra Expo differently, taking away with them a range of thoughts and responses that will all be personal to them.

Below are some of the blogs, reviews, comments and feedback we have received during Ilfra Expo. If you have posted your thoughts online then please send us details.

Robert Zarwacz, is the owner of COMBEbusiness as well as a freelance copywriter, journalist, PR and proofreader. Robert has been positively speaking about Ilfra Expo through different social media avenues, with an invested interest in Ilfracombe he has spent much time with the exhibitions on display and we are pleased to share his thoughts with you here. 

Illustration Web represents some of the world’s finest illustrators, including Hannah Davies who created the magnificent permanent public artwork for Ilfracombe Museum as part of Ilfra Expo. You can see the news article they produced about Ilfra Expo here


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